I am a designer at Breakout Studio. I recently graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BFA in Graphic Design. I design print, digital and dimensional experiences. More about me here.


Contact me at fesslerleah@gmail.com. Check out my work on Dribbble and my design shop



Logo + Branding

Museu Do Amanhã or “Museum of Tomorrow” is an innovative science museum in Rio de Janeiro. They discuss the future of our planet through the lens of sustainability and human nature. My goal was to have the branding align with the experimental, forward thinking exhibitions. I was inspired by symbols of circularity, the sunrise and the architecture of Santiago Calatrava to create the final mark and branding for the Museu Do Amanhã. 



Product Concept + Design

We all need a little help expressing ourselves sometimes. For my thesis I wanted to give people an accessible emotional vocabulary. By using humor and a subscription model coupled with a prescriptive look and feel, I was able to speak to my target audience: millennials.

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Copywriter: Daniel Stillman


Ninth Letter

Book Concept + Design

Ninth Letter is a nationally distributed literary journal. While collaborating on Issue 14.2 with a team of talented designers, we considered how the design and function of the book could embody the content of the writing. Designing Ninth Letter gave me the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the creation of artwork, typesetting, and every aspect of the printing process. Issue 14.2 will appear in the 59th Communication Arts Design annual.

Ninth Letter



Event Design

HackIllinois is a student run hackathon at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. A hackathon is an organized event where students across the nation collaborate in groups to build software and hardware. 

The design team created posters, graphics, banners, apparel, trophies and swag. 

I was in charge of event swag for the 1000+ hackers. Using the theme "Dreamscape", I designed pins, totes, sticker and even custom socks.

In collaboration with: Juli NakazatoCharlee WalkerMelvin Melendez + Tia Smith



Logo Design

Branding and logo for Joyce C. Kauff & Associates, a bold and forward thinking information technology placement specialist. In collaboration with SmallGood.




Environmental Design + Research

Proposal for the redesign of the Sears Clearance strategy, created using Human Centered Design methods. I did internal and competitor research to gain insights. These lead to main design objectives. 1. Reflect updates in Sears look and feel in signage storewide. 2. Attract members to clearance. 3. Create a cost-effective system. Changes included: grouping all clearance into one section of the store, embracing the Sears yellow and using the name "Last Call".